10 Short Tips that Could Save Your Life

Life is very unpredictable. At one point you’re having the best time of your life, booze in one hand and a girl on the other. Yet we never know when life would decide to fuck us up. Always be prepared. And to help you with that, we have gathered 10 tips that you should remember always. Don’t forget them as they could save your life later.

If being attacked, never strike in the torso. You’re not in the movies. Go for the groin, eyes or ears instead. It would deal more damage. Then run as fast as you can and scream as loud as you can. To be on the safe side, always bring a whistle with you. It also helps if you have knuckles with you.

Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. Check your dictionary. Yes, that’s it, check it. There’s no shame in checking the dictionary if you don’t know what it means. Did you see it? Always handle items with care when you see these words on the label.
Barnes and Noble is rarely put in bad areas. If you’re lost and need to find a decent area to drop by, search Barnes and Noble in your GPS. Yes, a GPS is becoming a necessity nowadays. If you don’t have a gps for your car, get one ASAP. If you don’t have cash to get one, at least have Maps on your phone.
When crying for help, try and call out specific people like, “You with the pink hoodie, I’m being mugged!) instead of just speaking generally, (Help! I’m being mugged!). This catches more attention than just yelling out to nobody in particular.

If you’re stuck on a train track and have to abandon your vehicle because of an oncoming train, run away from the track but run towards the train instead of the opposite side.

If a deer jumps in front of your car, brake hard but do not swerve. The deer will most likely jump out of your way. But if not, it’s better to hit it head on than to roll your car over. Most insurance covers a deer hitting your car but not swerving to miss it and running into a tree. Before traveling, check if your tires are in good condition and always make sure your brakes work.

Don’t imitate everything you see in the movies. If someone is stabbed or is punctured by a sharp object, leave it in. The object is blocking the blood from spilling out thus preventing blood loss.

Don’t walk down the stairs with hands in your pockets. Unless you can afford a stairlift.

If you are choking or having a heart attack, get out of your car. You can’t signal anyone if you’re unconscious inside the car, but if you are draped over the hood of the car, you are sending a distress signal. Avoid having a heart attack. Drink red wine.

You were born with instincts. If you feel something is wrong with a person, place, situation, it probably is. Don’t discount those feelings in your gut that something isn’t going to work out or there’s something hazardous about the situation. Don’t be afraid of being rude.

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