Best Places to Meet Women

You’re here because you don’t have a clue where to meet women that you could potentially date. I feel you dude, I feel you. It seems like quality women are dwindling by the hour. Before you get discouraged, let me share with you a little secret my good friend – you can meet new women anywhere because they are absolutely everywhere! The only problem is some places are good and other places are bust. It takes a bit of time to figure out the where you could find the best women in your location. But for your guidance, here are some of the best places to meet women that could potentially be your date in this day and age:


best places to meet women
If you want an easy way to target a specific type of girl with interests similar to your own, enroll in different classes. It may be Spanish I or Digital Photography, or whatever you like as long as the class is girl-friendly. Computer Programming 101 or Criminology aren’t necessarily your best options for meeting women so choose wisely.


best places to meet women
Online (especially social media) has quickly become one of the most popular places to meet women. However, your online profile pic will play a large role when scouting online. The women will be browsing all your display pictures and other uploads to see if you’re good looking. Therefore, it is important to have nice selfies uploaded to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Grocery Stores

best places to meet women
Every girl needs to buy groceries. You should keep an eye out whenever you’re buying food and drinks at your favorite store. If you live in the US, Trader Joe’s stores seem to consistently have the most beautiful girls. You could also target grocery stores near colleges and universities if you want younger women.

Coffee Shops

best places to meet women
These spots act like magnets for cute, young women who love to drink coffee while studying or reading alone. Grab a cup and sit down nearby, or you can queue up near them in line, and say hello.

Social Events

best places to meet girls
These events usually attract young, single women looking for a way to be socially active and connect with like minded people. Ask around where they find out their events; search online for young professionals’ activities in your city, attend different seminars or other events and get-togethers.


best places to meet women
A good place to meet a more educated, intelligent woman is none other than a bookstore. Search for large, multi-level chain bookstores that have their own café or coffee shop. You’re sure to meet a quality girl in these places.


best places to meet women
Women who go to bars, lounges, and nightclubs like to be social and meet new people and potential new partners. Men find Nightspot socializing to be easier since it feels more “socially acceptable” to meet women at bars than on the street. However, a woman at a bar would also put her guard up since it is assumed that she’ll be meeting different kinds of strangers. You would have to put a lot more work to get her to the same level of openness you can reach much more quickly during the daytime. On the upside, there is a certain mystery and sensuality during nighttime that makes women more open to quick flings and casual liaisons than they may be during the day.

The Street, the Beach, and Public Transportation

best places to meet women
Before you hit the street and try to hook up with a pretty girl walking down the road, here’s a word of advice, meeting girls in these places is hard. But it’s also incredibly rewarding. You will meet all kinds of women on the street or at the beach or public transport during the day. You’ll see women who frequent nightclubs on the weekends, women who would never set foot in a nightclub, women who are students, career women, artistic types, and many more. Women walking on the street are often found walking alone and nowhere near as guarded as they are in a party or a nightclub. These women are ripe for a man to come along and get to know them one-on-one.


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