How to Clear Your Desktop and Unclutter it of Trash

Do your butt kissing, fart smelling officemates call you a disorganized son of a birch because of your trashy and messy desktop? Have no fear as you can change their perception of you in just a few simple steps. Your boss and your co-workers will be looking at you with awe and admiration after doing this.

Step 1: Go to your messy desktop
Step 2: Hit ctrl+A
Step 3: Press ctrl+X
Step 4: Right click on an empty space and select “new” —> “folder” to create a new folder.
Step 5: Rename the new folder into “Desktop”
Step 6: Double click on the new folder
Step 7: Press ctrl+V to put everything in the folder called desktop.

Clear your desktop
Clear your desktop
Now everything looks so nice and clean and everyone will now think that you’re well organized and you feel like you’re the master of the world. Be sure to prepare a speech as you might even win employee of the month because of this.


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