How to Cure Pimples Fast

They say that having pimples is a sign of youth. A sign of vigor. A sign that you’re still not growing old. But no matter what people say, pimples will always look bad on anybody’s face. That’s why, since time immemorial, humans have been battling pimples left and right. If you’re currently having trouble with pimples, there’s no need to worry. There are a lot of remedies on how to cure pimples fast. And you don’t need to lay out a lot of cash to do that. Here are some home remedies that would help you get rid of pimples the fast and low-cost way.

Remedy #1

What you’ll need:
1 tbsp of Baking Soda
1 tbsp of Water
1 small bowl

how to cure pimples fast
Mix 1 tbsp of baking soda with 1 tbsp of water. Stir well to make it into a fine and smooth paste. Apply on the area affected by pimples and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off the area thoroughly and dry. Apply moisturizer thereafter. This remedy worked best for me back during my high school days. But there are still other ways to remove pimples if you want to try them out.

Remedy #2

What you’ll need:
Ice Cubes
Lemon Juice
A piece of cloth
A cotton swab

how to cure pimples fast
First, wash your face with soap and water. Then wrap the ice in a piece of cloth and then hold it on the affected areas. Wait a few minutes and repeat the process. This will shrink the pimples. Dip a cotton swab in the fresh lemon juice and apply it to the area with pimples before going to bed.

Remedy #3

What you’ll need:
Vicks VapoRub
how to cure pimples fast
Vicks VapoRub has ingredients like Camphor and Eucalyptus oil that are known to fight pimples and acne. Before you do anything, start off by rinsing your face. Then simply dab Vicks VapoRub directly on your pimples and acne. Vicks will cause your pimples to dry overnight and shrink in size significantly.

Remedy #4

What you’ll need:
1 un-coated aspirin tablet
4 drops of water

how to cure pimples fast
Rinse face with soap and water. Then apply four drops of water to the un-coated aspirin and mash it up. Apply the solution to pimple prone places on your face. This can rapidly reduce redness and swelling while at the same time speeding the recovery of painful pimples.

Remedy #5

What you’ll need:
Hot water
1 wash cloth
Rubbing Alcohol

how to cure pimples fast
Dip the wash cloth on the hot water and apply it on the pimples on your face. Then put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and press it gently on the pimples for 10 seconds. Apply the hot wash cloth on your face again. Finally dab a bit of toothpaste on the pimples and leave it overnight.


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