People are Sharing their Own Lifehacks

Lifehacks have become so famous online.  That’s because most of us look for easy solutions to different problems. Because of this, countless people are now sharing their own life hacks on the internet. And most of them are hilarious. Let’s have a look at this week’s best shares.

Prank your friends! Pretend you’re the moon by taking a picture through a toilet roll tube.

Use a toilet seat to put your plate on while watching TV and never miss key moments in NBA games ever.

Want to save space? Cut your tennis balls in half to store two more balls in each can.

Spray your headphones with some “Johnson’s No More Tangles” when they are tangled.

If you care so much for your own personal space, use this vest whenever you’re on the subway.

You can sneak a chocolate bar into Amercan movie theaters with this awesome trick.

Preserve the freshness of cakes.

When you’re too tired and your kids are craving for a little love, put a bean filled glove on your baby’s back.

Avoid getting robbed.  Put your new TV box on your neighbor’s side so thieves would think they got a new one.

Reduce clutter and impress your guests with this simple hack.

Laptop chargers have multiple functions. You can also use them to heat snacks up.

Cutting onions? This trick will stop tears from falling.

If you’re tired of ironing your shirts, simply get fat and watch those creases vanish!

This will save lots of precious time.

People won’t notice. Honest!

Use duct tape and fork when there’s no spoon in the office.

This is the real use of a hoodie.

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