Tips on How to Keep Pests Away

Devilish little critters love to hang out around your house, and have a barbecue around a campfire. If given the chance, they’ll stomp inside without a care in the world and drink tea right on your dining table. Don’t make these pests feel like their welcome inside your home. Here’s how to make your home less inviting to a wide range of pests.

Cut away at any trees, vines, shrubs, and other vegetation (using the pretty cool looking machete to your left) that are overhanging, next to, or on your house. These only serve as an express way for the pests to crawl up, get onto the roof and find an opening into your beloved home. Before you know it, there’s an entire family of pests living with you, eating your food and gnawing away at your furniture.

Invest in garbage cans that seal tightly. This prevents pests like rats and cockroaches from voraciously pillaging on things that you have thrown. Also, make sure that no trash, food, debris, or rotting wood stays for long anywhere in the yard.


If you firewood stocked up in your place, it’s better to pile it up off the ground on a discarded pallet or a store bought metal stand. Keep it away from the house. Have just enough wood inside your house for the next fire. Just to be sure, remove any debris piles near your home, including branches, stones, and bricks. Rodents and creepy crawlies love to lurk in these places. By the way, Amazon also sells firewood just in case you’re out of stock. 😀 By the way, before you bring items into your home, check them for pests. This goes for firewood, boxes, paper, houseplants and the like.

Survey the exterior of your house for gaps. You must have a keen eye because insects or rodents easily slip through tiny gaps. Pay close attention to spots where wires or pipes enter the house. Block these gaps with caulk, expanding foam, steel wool, wire mesh or rubber sealant.


Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are not clogged allowing smooth flow of water away from your house. If not, your gutters will dump a sizeable amount of water against the foundation of your house, where it will seep inside and provide pests with boutiful source of water. If you need to clean your gutters, the Gutterwhiz Gutter Cleaning Tool can easily do the job.

Secure all your windows and screens and make sure that they are in good shape and that no pest can enter. Block tiny gaps if there are any. Lastly, make sure your chimney has a wire mesh barrier called a chimney cap. Santa would have a hard time entering your home, but at least, you’ll be safe from pests that enter through the chimney.
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