How to Unsubscribe from All Unwanted Mail

Getting a lot of unwanted emails lately? Are they clogging up your inbox making it hard for you to get to the kinky letters somebody sent? Then you have subscribed to one too many newsletters and offers which are really of no use for you. Fortunately, there is a way to end your misery. No, you don’t need to kill yourself yet. You only have to do this for now:

TIP: Search your inbox for “unsubscribe” to easily find and unsubscribe to all junk mail.
You can also visit (they also have an iOS app) to unsubscribe to unwanted mail with only one click. However, it doesn’t work with all email accounts.

Bonus Tip:
When signing up for anything online, use the website’s name as your middle name. This way, you can detect which website sold your info upon receiving advert mail and spam. E.g. Johnny Sexybabesdotcom Johnson.


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